"Advanced Falconry" - Mutual Benefit

Shortly before noon this morning, the New York Times’ T Magazine premiered BANGS’ video for Mutual Benefit’s “Advanced Falconry,” the big single off new (and, I suppose, breakout) album Love’s Crushing Diamond.

It is magnificent

The slow-motion video is also in constant motion, with every cut taking us to an uncomfortable father grimacing, a carefree grandmother flipping her hair, or a child brushing off her face. Faces in constant motion, hands never at ease, the video is the most tranquil success in suspense one is apt to see. 

The family photo shoot’s sudden evolution-by-devolution into something much more honest is a subtly profound and heartwarming event. A child eating dirt has never been more beautiful. BANGS’ video syncs up with the song in every way, both in the technical and conceptual motifs. 

For more gushing, read our glowing review of Love’s Crushing DiamondOtherwise, preorder the album from Other Music in a variety of formats. 

- Tyler Hanan


Bastille - We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus cover)



The Little Cornetto Book Series by Joey Spiotto / Blog / Store

Part of The Official Edgar Wright Art Show, opening Tuesday, 20th August 2013, at Gallery1988 / Tumblr.

ALSO: there’s an Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost AMA today at 5pm EST.



Jon Snow 80s-Style Training Montage

Jon Snow must win the respect of the men of the Night’s Watch. This calls for a training montage with a synth-heavy inspirational soundtrack.

@julie81 will enjoy this one #got


Love this world. Happy World Ocean Day.


Love this world. Happy World Ocean Day.

Mattel announces Back to the Future hoverboard, doesn’t actually hover -

This much closer to the real thing

this is the coolest porcupine i’ve ever seen


My cat Rhun loves to play with string.

Such an awesome cat I have

Our Deal by Best Coast

This is the best music video I’ve seen in a while and plays like a short movie with Chloe Morentz from Kick Ass and was directed by Drew Barrymore.